New super pumping evacuation series

Air Pump/Pressure Gauge

Additional information

Certified capacity

28L/Min, 36L/Min, 46L /Min

Safety Valve Active



PVP-486(28/Min), PVP-586(36/Min), PVP-686(46/Min)




9.5Kg, 9.8Kg, 9Kg

Product Details:

Air Pump/Pressure Gauge


1.New design all-in-one piston struction.

2.Imported special use refrigerant oil.

3.Easy to dismantle and maintenance.

4.Technical grade design to get quick heat radiation.

5.High limit press up and vacuum based on high precision

6.For auto AIC systme, 2 minute pump up reach 300PSL.

Describe in detail Specification PCS/BOX Weight/kg
New dual-purpose vacuum pump PVP-486(28/Min) 1 9
PVP-586(36/Min) 1 9.5
PVP-686(46/Min) 1 9.8

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